Technical Implementation of Virtual Medical Scribe Program

Skywriter MD ensures scribe service execution and system integrity by using the industry’s highest-performing and most widely deployed data center, web hosting services, network security tools and development strategies in the market. We deliver a robust, cloud-based software solution that is highly reliable and supports rapid recovery of data in the event of a catastrophic failure. A next generation firewall system, with third party monitoring, and mobile secure gateway delivers a high level of performance while still ensuring the strongest possible security — without impacting end users. Finally, Skywriter MD employs comprehensive HITRUST and HIPAA-compliant security controls and processes throughout its architecture to prevent unauthorized use and/or actions of the application and virtual scribe program.

Implementing a Virtual Medical Scribe Program

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Implementation of the Skywriter MD virtual medical scribe service is simple and fast. The user interface is intuitive and fosters rapid time to value.

Scribe Program Implementation Requirements Include:

  • Meet the minimum network bandwidth and WiFi coverage requirements
  • Facilitate Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system access by providing individual credentials for Skywriters with appropriate permissions and access