Virtual Medical Scribe Services

A Skywriter is a virtual medical scribe and acts as an extension of the provider’s arm providing clinical documentation. They navigate the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in real-time; locate information for review; enter discrete information into the EMR including histories, problem lists, allergies, immunizations, and health maintenance; research data; pend orders; utilize templates; format and document HPI, ROS, PE, A&P, patient instructions; and assist with Quality Metrics/Critical Care, referrals, and communication management.

Our virtual scribe solutions have transformed the role of the traditional medical scribe by delivering real-time, virtual connectivity to perform administrative tasks, while alleviating traditional challenges that plague physical scribes. Further, Skywriter MD providers have seen an increase in billable encounters due to improved notes and discrete data entry.

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Traditional Scribe Challenges

A Skywriter is more than a medical transcriptionist. Listen-only and delayed transcription models lack the 1:1 convenience of task execution that requires verbal clarification, question and answer, and confirmation of the completion of activities. In addition, many activities require real-time intervention in order to issue patient prescriptions during a visit or communicate referral and follow up care to scheduling staff. Further, transcription models lack the EMR access leading the provider having to input all the information in a discrete way as well as inputting the written text appropriately in the EMR.

A virtual scribe overcomes the disadvantages that the traditional 1:1 physical scribe model presents including:

  • Salary costs

  • Productivity

  • Shift / hour limitations

  • Scheduling, sick time, vacation time, tardiness

  • Inability to capture patient details at a rapid pace, requiring the provider to slow down

  • Interference with the provider’s workflow and thought processes

  • Patient apprehension about being honest and forthcoming with pertinent information required for accurate diagnosis and treatment

  • Inability to generate enough revenue to offset the cost of the scribe

Team-Based Virtual Scribe Approach

Skywriter MD uses a team-based approach to support each provider group.  Our virtual medical scribe teams provide the following benefits for your practice:

  • Familiarity with individual preferences and processes

  • Uninterrupted coverage, regardless of illness, breaks and other absences

  • Plan for natural scribe attrition, backfill and replace with internal training and shadowing therefore provider never has to train again

  • Greater productivity of Skywriters between patients, which translates to a lower cost of service