Subscription Virtual Medical Scribe Service Model

Skywriter MD’s virtual medical scribe program decreases the documentation burden on physicians so they can spend more time with their patients. Our proprietary software provides virtual medical scribe services in real-time, without adding the intrusive presence of another person in the room. The on-screen and audio collaboration enables the healthcare provider to focus on their patient while the virtual medical scribe navigates the EMR to input progress notes and H&Ps, execute tasks, and write orders according to the physician’s directions. For maximum efficiency, each practice has its own dedicated team.

Fully Managed Medical Scribe Solution

Our subscription solution is fully managed, relieving healthcare providers of the burden of dealing with software, maintenance, project management and implementation. Sky Center operations, ongoing responsibility for software and maintenance, project management and implementation, staffing, and support services are all managed by Skywriter MD, along with the following:

Virtual Scribe Medical Service
  • Software updates and upgrades (SaaS)
  • Implementation services and user training

  • Customer Service

      • Help desk
      • Ticket management
      • Escalation management
      • Service level agreements
  • Skywriter Human Resource management

      • Recruiting
      • Onboarding
      • Orientation and training
      • Ongoing education
      • Scheduling
      • Health and retirement benefits
      • Testing and certification
      • Performance management

EMR Documentation- Skywriter MD

Download Subscription Service Model Datasheet