Pre-Visit Planning Services

Skywriter MD’s virtual medical scribe solution can be deployed to contact patients before scheduled appointments to gather, review and record patient information directly into the EMR. Pre-Visit planning assists providers and office staff with new and established patient documentation. This service includes a dedicated team of virtual scribes that take on enhanced responsibilities days before a patient’s appointment to save your medical staff valuable time.

How Does Pre-Visit Planning Work?

1. Scribe reviews with medical provider what info they want gathered
Medical scribe reviews with provider what info they want gathered

Skywriter MD works with the healthcare provider to create an all-encompassing script for Skywriters (scribes) to utilize in their pre-visit planning interaction. *Scripts can differ depending on individual physician wants and needs.

2. Scribe contacts patients before scheduled appointment to collect information
Virtual medical Scribe contacts patients before scheduled appointment to collect information

Scribes reach out to patients through a HIPAA-compliant system to gather all the data needed days before their appointment.

3. Scribes record, review and enter patient information into EMR
Scribes record, review and enter information into EMR

Scribes enter all patient info directly into the EMR according to the healthcare organization and provider’s preferences.

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Utilizing pre-visit planning, medical organizations save time and optimize efficiency. Patients benefit from personal outreach and added reminders before their visit with the physician. This process plays a critical role in the operational, financial, and clinical success of your team. Using our pre-visit planning service, our virtual medical scribes can help optimize schedules of your office staff, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, spend less time per patient visit, and improve savings and profitability.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reduce no-show appointments
  • Agenda setting
  • Mark imperative info as reviewed
  • Reminders to bring records and documentation

Patient outreach methods and intake information can be customized to meet the unique needs of a medical organization. Documentation will be completed directly in the EMR per provider and organization specifications.

What can pre-visit planning be used for?

  • Past medical, social, and family history

  • Chief complaint and comorbidities

  • Health maintenance reporting

  • Verify insurance

  • Current medications

  • Allergies

  • Preferred pharmacy

  • Regular care team i