Virtual Medical Scribe Solution

Skywriter MD is a medical transcription company dedicated to helping physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients while decreasing the administrative burden of the EMR. Enhanced provider efficiency fosters greater patient throughput while improving the care experience. Our virtual medical scribe services improve the environment of care for patients, enhances care quality, and restores job satisfaction for physicians by providing more time for patient care. A revolutionary approach to medical scribe services removes their invasive and obstructive presence from the room, while delivering exceptional service, a strong return on investment, and improving the quality of clinical documentation.

How Our Scribe Solutions Work

Providers connect with virtual scribes using a portable device (tablet or laptop) or desktop (soon to be phones as well). Skywriters navigate the EMR, pend orders, quickly create patient instructions, utilize templates and provider’s preferred formatting, enter discrete data into the EMR including histories, allergies, medications, problem lists, etc, format and document HPI, ROS, PE, A&P, assist with Quality Metrics/Critical Care, referrals, and communication management. Scribes also assist in precharting as well as Pre-visit Planning for more thorough clinical flow. Real-time documentation and screen-sharing technology allows the provider to watch and/or review and sign the record within their native EMR. Upon completion of the administrative tasks, the medical scribe is immediately available to support other providers. A designated team of Skywriters consistently service each physician group, fostering a familiar experience while eliminating the HR headache of sick/vacation time and solves the issues associated with scribe attrition.

Training for Medical Scribes

The internal training process for our medical scribes includes HIPAA certification, medical terminology and common abbreviations, SOAP note, basic human anatomy, generic and brand name medications by classification, as well as standard grammar and punctuation rules for modern English with an emphasis on the American Medical Association’s Style Guide. New Skywriters also perform a minimum number of hours shadowing veteran scribes and complete note entering while being observed. If healthcare organizations have internal trainings on their EMR, we set those up for their Skywriter team to enhance the training for their specific EMR’s nuances. The majority of our virtual scribes are on a pre-med track whether it is MD, DO, PA, NP, or nursing school, therefore harboring an extreme interest in learning and doing well for our providers.

Virtual Medical Scribe Solution

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Return on Investment

  • Increases in the number of patients that may be treated per hour / billed Relative Value Units (RVUs) per hour
  • Reduces the number of patients that leave without being seen
  • Decreases the incidence of down-coding
  • Improves patient satisfaction

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