Medical Scribe Company or Medical Transcriptionist?

The answer depends on what you need.

Medical scribes and medical transcriptionists both document a patient’s medical record. But the way they do so is the difference between the two jobs and a doctor can decide which position best suits his/her practice.

Medical transcribers are passive and stationary. You sit at a desk in a hospital, doctor’s office, or in the comfort of your own home and update patients’ medical records while listening to a recording made by the physician and documenting the recording verbatim.

Multiple Job Duties

Scribes don’t listen to recordings. They document information using either a paper form or electronic template. A scribe works directly with the physician listening and noting physician responses in real time. In addition to documenting a patient’s medical record, a medical scribe may find him/herself performing additional responsibilities such as:

  • assisting clinicians
  • inputting results
  • monitoring the time it takes for medical test results to return and handle delays when they happen
  • planning ahead to improve patient throughput
  • keeping track of the duration of a patient’s stay
  • checking a patient’s insurance status
  • providing an additional point of communication for nurses with non-clinical questions

Medical scribes & transcribes are not allowed to perform any direct patient care, meaning anything that involves:

  • clinical assessment
  • clinical interpretation
  • touching the patient
  • handling body fluids
  • using medical instruments
  • medical decision-making

Different Talents

When you think about the differences in the job duties for a medical scribe versus an MT, it seems that the two positions are inhabited by two types of people – those who want to work at home in relative peace and quiet, and those who like working with lots of people in a busy, dynamic environment full of challenges. Being a scribe is a physical job, requiring you to be on your feet all day as opposed to sitting at a desk. Scribing is most often seen in an emergency room environment, where the fast pace creates a need for immediate documentation of each patient encounter.

Give Yourself a Break

Hiring Skywriter MD to provide a medical scribe company for your practice will vastly improve your workflow since our scribes are well versed in:

  • navigating an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • documenting procedures
  • locating patient information: lab results, x-rays, procedure notes, and historical records
  • entering various information into the EMR
  • transcribing orders and prescriptions
  • responding to messages
  • relaying information and instructions to office staff

Create a better work/life balance for yourself by using the medical scribe services and medical transcription company of Skywriter MD. Contact us today.

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