Electronic Medical Records – the Bane of a Physician’s Existence

It’s true. Not all doctors enjoy filling out an electronic medical record (EMR) for each of their patients. An Electronic Medical Record is a digital version of a patient’s chart and it contains medical information and treatment history for your specific practice.

It’s highly doubtful that physicians choose to work in the medical field so they can fill out endless amounts of paperwork, or stare into the glare of a computer screen all day. Even though the paperwork is electronic it is still a time consuming task best done by someone who is detail oriented and can focus solely on this one part of patient care. The time that this process takes is time that doctors could spend working with patients.

Electronic Medical Records – the Benefits

An EMR is better than paper records because it:

  • Keeps accurate track of patient data over time
  • Doesn’t require excellent penmanship
  • Sends you alerts for patients who need preventive visits and screenings
  • Monitors patients’ vaccinations, blood pressure, temperature, and more
  • Improves the overall quality of care

After the initial input, an electronic medical record makes patient record-keeping easier, more accurate, more comprehensive, and efficient. It also does not take up the physical space that paper files do. At Skywriter MD, medical transcription, electronic medical records, and medical scribe services are all we do.

Worry Less

We have a team of Skywriters that can cover your practice so there is always someone there when you need us. Now you can truly practice medicine and be more productive by using technology. Each team of scribes delivers real time navigation of the electronic medical record, entering discrete information, finding information for review, researching data, and responding to messages.

Skywriter MD is convenient and easy to use. The digital recording captures details in case there is ever a question or if the provider moves at a fast pace. The real-time connectivity is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Get in touch with Skywriter MD today and see how our team can help you improve productivity and lower the cost of service for your hospital or practice.

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