Company Updates

Skywriter MD iPad App Version 2.1 is here!

The new-and-improved Skywriter MD app for iPad users is getting an update! The latest changes are intended to create a more seamless and secure user experience for our provider users. Healthcare providers using their iPad device to access the Skywriter MD app will notice the following enhancements:

  •  Touch ID enabled to login to Skywriter MD app – Save time and hassle by getting to your Skywriter team with the touch of your finger!
  • User must have Touch ID enabled for their device to see this option
  • Login using username and password will be required initially
  • Session will automatically expire after 30 minutes of inactivity – Keeps your account and data secure, as well as ensures we’re getting your dictations in a timely manner for processing.

We’ve also addressed several small back-end bugs while we’re at it, and continue to be excited about this sleek new user interface. This release is expected in the App Store by late this week. Be sure to enable auto-updates from the App Store so that you’re always using the latest and greatest version of our app. (Reach out to your Skywriter Lead if you need assistance.) We hope you enjoy the enhanced, intuitive experience of the Skywriter MD iPad app, and look forward to bringing you more innovations in the near future!

Version 2.0 of Skywriter MD’s iPad App is Here!

June 5th marks the general release of Version 2.0 of the Skywriter MD app for our iPad users, featuring a completely updated UI and UX! This release represents Skywriter MD’s commitment to delivering what our customers want, and ensuring that technology is not a barrier — but rather a tool — to accomplish efficient, precise health information documentation. We’ve utilized the screen space better, simplified recording controls, and made the application more reliable than ever. Current Skywriter MD customers can download this new version from the App Store.

We’re looking forward to bringing the next generation of Skywriter MD to our web/browser users by the end of 2017!