Medical Scribe Training Program

The internal training process for our medical scribes (Skywriters) includes a 4-week comprehensive preparation and training course with our in-house training team. This process is to ensure the scribes are meeting the healthcare provider’s needs and meeting industry requirements which includes:

  • HIPAA certification
  • Medical terminology and common abbreviations
  • SOAP note
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Generic and brand name medications by classification
  • Standard grammar and punctuation rules for modern English with an emphasis on the American Medical Association’s Style Guide.

We provide in-house training to new medical scribes for understanding and navigating the Electronic Medical Records (EMR). If a healthcare organization has internal trainings on their EMR, we set those up for their Skywriter team to enhance the training for their specific EMR’s nuances.

New medical scribes also perform a minimum number of hours shadowing veteran virtual medical scribes and complete live call training and note entering while being observed.

  • Shadow for a minimum of 24 hours on their dedicated team
  • Required to spend 3-8 hours per provider (depending on complexity) with 1:1 monitored supervision.

We strategically place our scribe centers (Skycenters) in college towns with pre-med programs, as we find our best job applicants within this pool. Typically, we hire pre-med students who are in their GAP year with a 3.5 GPA or above with an intense desire for an advanced medical degree. We partner with Kaplan to provide study materials to our Skywriters to help them achieve their goals. When they do achieve their goals, we backfill their positions before they go off to school, our whole internal training team works to get the new Skywriter up to speed along with our coaches and “veteran” Skywriters without the providers ever having to retrain again!

Our Current Skywriters

Matthew G

Major: Nutritional Sciences – Minor: General Business/Chemistry

“I hope to become a physician one day and eventually start a nonprofit to provide medical care and innovations to third world countries.”

Chloe F

Major: Biology – Minor: Criminology

“My ultimate goal is to become an OB/GYN doctor with a practice in fetal medicine.”

Andrea P

Major: Microbiology

“My goal is to go to medical school and become a geriatrician. I would like to help underserved areas and Hispanic communities.”

Why our Virtual Medical Scribes Love Skywriter MD