Bill Leander

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is the Chief Executive Officer of Skywriter MD with over 20 years of executive leadership experience in healthcare technology, professional services, and analytics enterprises.

He brings deep and diverse management expertise, having held numerous positions such as General Manager, CEO, COO, Chief Strategy Officer, CIO, and Chief Marketing Officer.

Previously, Bill was COO at Sandlot Solutions, a national healthcare interoperability (HIE) and analytics company, as well as Chief Strategy Officer at Santa Rosa Consulting, where he conceived and launched a new Test Automation as a (Managed) Service for healthcare providers with Epic EMRs, spearheaded a national IT Modernization program for the public health system of a Caribbean nation, and delivered innovative strategies to the firm’s EMR implementation and activation support businesses.

Bill specializes in conceiving and executing practical innovation strategies to bolster his companies’ operational and financial performance and the customer organizations he serves.

Bill Leander