Skywriter MD


About Skywriter MD

Taking the DOC out of DOCumentation

Skywriter MD was born out of a need to recover precious time that providers have lost to EMR documentation. Tracy Rue, founder of Skywriter MD, believed that the right combination of technology and service could solve the EMR conundrum, as well as the challenges that traditional scribe services introduced (poor return on investment, staffing and scheduling challenges, provider and patient interference, etc.).

The company embarked upon the development of a software collaboration tool that facilitates real-time communication and connectivity with virtual scribes, who serve as an extension of a physician’s arm throughout the patient visit. Skywriters help providers navigate the EMR, enter data and execute other tasks as directed. The user interface supports direct and indirect interaction throughout the patient visit, while the non-intrusive presence of Skywriters enables a more personable patient-physician encounter.

Skywriter MD is helping physicians shift their focus back to the patient, while still meeting the intense documentation requirements associated with Meaningful Use, Accountable Care, and the countless other regulations that have evolved over the past decade. By providing more time for direct patient interaction, care quality and patient throughput is improved, and satisfaction scores for both patients and providers increase dramatically.

Skywriter MD delivers a superior product and unique service approach, which in turn drives significant clinical and financial benefits.