Skywriter MD Receives Innovative Technology Award from Jefferson County (Colo.) Economic Development Corporation

WESTMINSTER, CO – April 1, 2016 – Skywriter MD, which provides physicians with a real-time Virtual Medical Scribe Service, has received the Innovative Technology Award from the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation. Skywriter MD’s Westminster-based SkyCenter delivers virtual Electronic Medical Record (EMR) assistance to physicians and physician’s assistants across the country, helping them navigate the EMR, locate information for review, enter structured information into the EMR, research data, and respond to messages as directed. The improved productivity increases the revenue of practices, and/or supports larger patient loads with the same number of providers. In addition, by offloading clerical tasks, physicians spend more time interacting with patients, which improves care quality and directly contributes to greater job satisfaction.

Each year, Jefferson County recognizes primary employers, individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the economic vitality of Jefferson County. The Innovative Technology Award distinguishes Skywriter MD’s position at the forefront of new and advanced technologies, which are helping physicians shift their focus back to the patient, while still meeting the intense computer-based documentation requirements of today’s healthcare environment.

“I’m very proud of the value we are delivering to over-worked physicians, the simple elegance of our solution, and the market demand we are generating,” said Tracy Rue, Skywriter MD Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to be making such a contribution to the economic growth of Jefferson County, as well as the quality of healthcare across the country.”

Skywriter MD leadership attended the Jefferson County Industry Appreciation Awards Breakfast on March 31, 2016 to accept the award.

About Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation (Jeffco EDC) is an economic development organization in Jefferson County, CO, with public and private members. The organization concentrates on creating, expanding, and retaining high‐paying primary jobs that fuel the economic health and vitality of Jefferson County. Jeffco EDC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of local business leaders and elected officials. For more information, call 303‐202‐2965 or visit our website at

About Skywriter MD

Skywriter MD provides real-time, virtual medical scribe services (Skywriters) to help physicians navigate the EMR and record data during the patient encounter, which increases the accuracy and safety of documentation and prescriptions, while decreasing the heavy documentation burden. Using Skywriter MD’s unique and proprietary software that provides on-screen and audio collaboration, Skywriters navigate the EMR, enter discrete data into the EMR’s progress notes and H&Ps, execute tasks and write orders as directed. Enhanced provider efficiency fosters greater patient throughput while improving the care experience. A revolutionary approach to scribe services removes the invasive and obstructive presence from the patient room, while delivering exceptional service, a strong return on investment, and improved documentation quality. For more information, visit