New Company Announces Revolutionary Approach to Scribe Services in Healthcare, Finalist Spot on TiE50 Top Start-up List

Real-time, virtual scribes remove administrative burden of EHRs from physicians while delivering strong return on investment

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – May 12, 2015 – Healthcare IT leader and early stage investors today announced the formation of Skywriter MD, which provides real-time, healthcare provider assistants (Skywriters), dedicated to helping physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients while decreasing their heavy documentation burden. This revolutionary approach to scribe services removes their invasive and obstructive presence from the patient’s room, while delivering exceptional service and a strong return on investment – all while improving the quality of documentation. Dedicated teams of centralized, virtual Skywriters assist multiple providers across the nation. A proprietary, cloud-based software platform integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) without the need for expensive, resource intensive interfaces.

Skywriter MD’s unique and proprietary software provides on-screen and audio collaboration, assisting physicians in navigating the EHR and recording data during the patient encounter, which increases the accuracy and safety of documentation and prescriptions. Without the encumbrances of EHR documentation, physicians are able to focus on patient interaction and practice medicine at their own pace.

Tracy Rue, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skywriter MD, believed that the right combination of technology and service could solve the EHR conundrum, as well as the challenges that traditional scribe services introduced (poor return on investment, staffing and scheduling challenges, provider and patient interference, etc.).

“Skywriter MD is helping physicians shift their focus back to the patient, while still meeting the intense documentation requirements associated with Meaningful Use, Accountable Care, and the countless other regulations that have evolved over the past decade”, said Rue. “By providing more time for direct patient interaction, care quality and patient throughput is improved, and satisfaction scores for both patients and providers increase dramatically. Skywriter MD delivers a superior product and unique service approach, which in turn drives significant clinical and financial benefits.”

Skywriter MD also announced its selection as a finalist for the prestigious TiE Silicon Valley 2015 TiE50 Top Start-up list. Skywriter MD was selected from a submission pool of 2,716 screened companies, based upon three parameters: Business Model, Intellectual Property Value and Leadership team.

“We are honored to be chosen as a TiE50 ‘Top Start-up’ finalist,” said Rue. “The nomination is a great testament to the quality and talent of the Skywriter MD team, and the potential of our business model and technology to have a disruptive impact in the medical scribe industry.”

Skywriter MD leadership will attend TiEcon 2015 on May 15 and 16, where 500 individuals from technology startups and those who support, acquire or partner with them, will converge on the Santa Clara (California) Convention Center. TiEcon has become an inspiring venue for entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders driving disruptive innovation. The event is focused on developing the next-generation of entrepreneurs through mentoring, networking, education, funding and inventive incubation.

“TiEcon is where the world’s wealth connects with technology entrepreneurs to create an enervating environment for start-ups to take off,” notes Venktesh Shukla, president of TiE, Silicon Valley. “It is the ‘Burning Man’ of entrepreneurship, and brings together Silicon Valley’s diverse, dynamic, and expert ecosystem to ignite disruptive technology innovation.”

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About Skywriter MD

Skywriter MD is a real-time, true, virtual medical scribe service provider dedicated to helping physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients while decreasing their heavy documentation burden. Enhanced provider efficiency fosters greater patient throughput while improving the care experience. Our revolutionary approach removes the traditional scribe’s invasive and obstructive presence from the room, while delivering exceptional service and a strong return on investment, and improving the quality of documentation. For more information, visit

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Tracy Rue – President / CEO