Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group Selects Skywriter MD
To Provide Virtual EMR Assistance for Providers

Contract Expected to Improve Physician Efficiency and Increase Revenue


WESTMINSTER, CO – November 18, 2015 – Skywriter MD, which provides physicians with real-time, virtual Electronic Health Record (EHR) assistance, has been awarded a contract by Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group.

As part of their engagement, Skywriter MD will improve provider efficiency by eliminating the EHR documentation burden, thereby improving patient throughput, increasing capacity for more patient visits per day, and delivering a measurable return on investment. Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is expected to be live with its first three (3) providers by early-December.

“We are ecstatic about the Skywriter MD service because it’s a win-win for both our physicians and support staff. First, physicians will be able to focus their attention on the patient rather than the EMR, which will improve their job satisfaction; in addition, they will eliminate after-hours documentation, which has become the norm for many of our physicians. Second, they will be able to reclaim quality time with the patient. And third, physicians will benefit from improved patient satisfaction through more timely and focused care,” said Kyle Nelson, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group. “I’m looking forward to more complete and consistent documentation across providers, with an accurate representation of the care we provide in the office setting. We also believe that we can add at least 2-3 visits per provider per day based on the time that Skywriter MD will save each physician, which will translate into significant revenue for our practice,” he continued.

Skywriter MD’s unique and proprietary software provides on-screen and audio collaboration, assisting physicians in navigating the EHR and recording data during the patient encounter, which increases the accuracy and safety of documentation and prescriptions. Teams of centralized, virtual and truly real-time Skywriters provide assistance to multiple providers across the nation. A proprietary software platform provides secure access to any EHR – there is no need for expensive interfaces. Without the encumbrances of EHR documentation, physicians are able to focus on patient interaction and practice medicine at their own pace.

“We are very pleased to have added a second major orthopedic group in Colorado to our customer base, and proud to be making such a difference in healthcare. Skywriter MD partners have realized great value in terms of improved documentation quality, simplified coding and billing, and happier patients,” said Tracy Rue, President and Chief Executive Officer of Skywriter MD. “We are fundamentally improving the lives of physicians by helping them focus their time on patients rather than the computer, which is why they went into medicine in the first place.”

About Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is the largest orthopedic practice in Southern Colorado and has been providing care to the Colorado Springs community and Pikes Peak region for more than 50 years. All orthopedic physicians are board-certified and fellowship trained in the orthopedic sub-specialties of sports medicine; spine; trauma; total joint replacement of the hip, knee, and shoulder; foot and ankle; hand and upper extremity; hip and knee; and pediatric surgery. Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is committed to providing our patients with the highest level of clinical care and customer service. For more information, visit

About Skywriter MD

Skywriter MD provides real-time, virtual EHR assistance (Skywriters) to help physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients while decreasing their heavy documentation burden. Using Skywriter MD’s unique and proprietary software that provides on-screen and audio collaboration, Skywriters navigate the EHR, enter discrete data into the EHR’s progress notes and H&Ps, execute tasks and write orders as directed. Enhanced provider efficiency fosters greater patient throughput while improving the care experience. A revolutionary approach to scribe services removes their invasive and obstructive presence from the room, while delivering exceptional service and a strong return on investment, and improving the quality of documentation. For more information, visit

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