Skywriter MD’s Virtual Medical Scribes

“Taking the DOC out of DOCumentation”

spend quality time with patients

Spend more quality
time with patients

increase productivity and revenue

Increase productivity and revenue by at least 10%

improve provider work-life balance and overall happiness

Improve provider work-life balance and overall happiness

Virtual Medical Scribe Features 

Our US-based virtual medical scribes (Skywriters) are an extension of the provider’s arm, delivering real-time HIPAA-compliant navigation of the EMR, locating information for review, entering discrete information into the EMR, researching data, sending communications, and responding to messages as directed. Our medical scribes work in a fully remote environment, currently located within our two HIPAA-compliant, secured SkyCenters in Greenwood Village, CO and College Station, TX, with more locations to come. Skywriters deliver live documentation medical scribe services expediting the patient-physician relationship without interruption of the clinical workflow.

Virtual Medical Scribe Benefits 

  • No down-time or lost revenue for physician training

  • Dedicated Skywriter teams for each healthcare organization hired particularly from pre-med, pre-nursing, and pre-PA/NP clinical schools
  • Uninterrupted medical scribe coverage regardless of illness, breaks, and other absences

  • Greater productivity of Skywriters between patients, which translates to cost of service being half the cost of a traditional scribe

  • Rapid implementation of remote medical scribe program

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Our Customers

Skywriter MD Customers

Why Providers Love Skywriter MD

“Just wanted you to know that after working in ortho spine clinic for 19 years, this is the first time ever that my charting is fully done before leaving clinic. A true miracle.”

John McClellan, MD, Nebraska Pain and Spine

“I have had issues with live scribes in the past where they missed information or incorrectly put items in my charts. With Skywriter MD, my notes are exactly how I want them and how they need to be done for billing purposes. I am extremely happy with this service.”

Matthew Sokol, MD, Baylor Scott & White Health

“Skywriter has been a lifesaver for me. I’ve been in an outpatient, family practice for the last 3 years and typed all of my notes for the first year. That typically meant at least an hour and a half of charting, if not more, every day after clinic. Since starting with Skywriter over a year and a half ago, my documentation has shrunk to 30-45 minutes daily saving me time, money, and effort. Now, I have more time to spend with patients, plus more family time, drastically improving my quality of life. In the daily struggle for work-life balance, Skywriter has been a true blessing and I couldn’t recommend it more!”

Josh Martak, MD, Baylor Scott & White Health

“SkywriterMD…services allow me to see more patients with better documentation and less stress. The service more than pays for itself.”

Scott Maurer, MD, Glenwood Primary Care

“I just wanted to let you know that the Skywriter team “prepped” my ROB charts today and it was THE.BEST.GIFT.EVER. Almost like Christmas morning, especially since I am (on) post-laborist call and have 19 patients. Thank you!”

Joyce Noriega, MD, Roper St. Francis Healthcare

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