Skywriter MD’s Remote, Virtual Medical Scribes

“Taking the DOC out of DOCumentation”

providers spend more quality time with patients

Spend more quality
time with patients

increase medical provider productivity and revenue

Increase provider productivity and revenue by at least 10%

improve healthcare provider work-life balance and overall happiness

Improve provider work-life balance and overall happiness

Remote Virtual Medical Scribes

Our US-based, remote virtual medical scribes deliver real-time HIPAA-compliant navigation and documentation of the EMR, locate information for review, enter discrete and free text information into the EMR, pend orders, send communications, and respond to messages as directed for your medical practice. Our virtual medical scribes work in a fully remote environment, currently located within our HIPAA-compliant, secured SkyCenters in Greenwood Village, CO, Lubbock, TX, College Station, TX, Lander, WY and LaSalle, MI with more locations to come. Skywriters deliver live documentation virtual medical scribe services for healthcare providers to expedite the patient-physician relationship without interruption of the clinical workflow.

Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Pre-visit Planning Services

Our Pre-visit Planning program offers the first of its kind! Utilize your Skywriter MD remote and virtual scribe team to reach out to patients before their healthcare appointments to gather, review, and record patient information directly into the EMR. Eliminate the need for paperwork and improve healthcare clinic throughput! On average, 16 minutes of clinical staff time is saved per patient. This can also be used to remind patients of important information to bring and the date/time/location (including telehealth assistance) of their medical appointments to reduce no shows and tardiness. Optimize efficiency and increase profitability for your medical practice with our remote, pre-visit planning scribe program today.

Pre-Visit Planning Services

Why Healthcare Providers Love Skywriter MD

“Just wanted you to know that after working in ortho spine clinic for 19 years, this is the first time ever that my charting is fully done before leaving clinic. A true miracle.”

John McClellan, MD, Nebraska Pain and Spine